About Coach Diana Moraru

Diana Moraru is a lead Performance Expert and Career Coach. Located in London, she leads a fulfilled life and she is the go-to coach, consultant and mentor for numerous international individuals and companies. However, her life was not always so enriched and she had to overcome numerous barriers in order to achieve the successful high-earning position she has today, starting with overcoming her humble beginnings.

Indeed, Coach Diana often claims that she was her very own first client and that all the techniques she recommends are self-tested.

She decided to leave an esteemed position in the Ministry of Youth and Sport in the Republic of Moldova, to start from scratch in the UK. This is where she found her calling.

Diana is a graduate of Personal Performance Coaching at the London Coaching Academy and an NLP Practitioner. She achieved a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management at Kingston University, and in Economics & Business Management at Babes Bolyai University. Diana had to both study and work at the same time. Whilst her international clients keep Diana very busy, she has started to develop the coaching market in her native country – the Republic of Moldova and be the coach and mentor to others that she never had. She aims to be a trustworthy, well-rounded person that has one-of-a-kind abilities and offers down-to-earth solutions and strategies.

With a vast HR experience in third-sector, medium and large organisations, Diana has gained knowledge and expertise in HR systems, performance management, the onboarding process, payroll, benefits and employment law. She has also been an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) since 2015, and a volunteer in the Steps Ahead Mentoring programme run by the CIPD.

As a volunteer, Diana offers jobseekers one-to-one mentoring sessions to help them improve their employability skills, boost their confidence and find work.

In October 2018, Diana will participate as a volunteer in the CIPD's Skill-UP programme, where she will provide HR consultancy services for charities.

Originating from a simple family and growing up in an uncertain economic and political environment Diana had to become her own hero and find her way through life without any outside guidance or support. Indeed, she is one of the few people who has managed to find a way in life for herself and then make a career out of it. Due to the struggles she encountered in ensuring her successful future, she can honestly claim that she not only “talks the talk”, but she also “walks the walk”. Diana believes each person has a dormant inner hero that must be unleashed in order to activate the will to become a performer in business and in life.

Coach Diana’s Vision

Coach Diana believes top performance whether in life or in business is achieved through the strategic management of performance coaching. Top performance can be obtained both by companies and professionals by understanding that performance is a sum of several interconnected elements such as quality of life or work-life balance. It is her goal to be the coach, consultant and mentor that she never had whilst growing up and overcoming tremendous challenges in order to lead the successful professional life she leads today.