Company Coaching Pack

Whether your company is looking:
1. To ensure that their employees are successful in their career transitions
2. To provide coaching support to returners and their managers to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace
3. To help teams to identify common groups behaviours and work together in a manner that creates shared group understanding and increases effectiveness. Teams emerge from coaching sessions highly engaged, with improved communication, greater collaboration, and more strategically focused.
4. To give employees the ability and confidence to develop their full potential and achieve success within their career path.

This service contains:
• Career transition coaching
• Return to work coaching
• Team coaching
• Talent Development Coaching
• Promotion coaching
• Help organisations to identify and implement the training needs with regards to the business grow

• 3 coaching sessions and a bonus 1 on 1 session with Coach Diana Moraru which is more personalised and tailored to individual needs

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